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What's New?


Secret Agent 7 is the latest in a series of ridiculous adventures by James Guyeette, saving the day once again with duct tape: featuring Obama, the Clintons, Bush and a tornado of a kid resolving the Iranian nuclear crisis.


Other DADDY DUCT TAPE books available on Amazon.


Warren Peace, my trusty canine poet, has recently joined forces with the Swami From New Jersey in live performance. As if that wasn't enough, they've also teamed up on stage with Swami Beyondananda, going turban to turban, in Karma Talk. With more shows scheduled in the months ahead who knows who else might show up? Brace yourself. 


The latest edition in the Daddy Duct Tape series involves several dinosaurs, a flooded street and lots of duct tape as the kids refuse to be flooded out of their scheduled field trip. In no time at all they've constructed a suspension bridge over Belmont Ave in Chicago and are on their way. While these whimsical adventures are always fun to illustrate this one proved more challenging than most. After all, it's easy to write that the kids build a suspension bridge out of odds and ends. It is another thing entirely to graphically engineer the reality of it. But who knows? I might find a job building the next Golden Gate Bridge. 


Crowley & Co sent me down to Florida to graphic record a meeting for Deloitte/MetLife. It was a full on Snoopy affair. 

The most challenging part was a request to create a t-shirt design on the spot for employee recognition. A Sharpie on

white cotton. No room for error there. Fortunately it turned out great.

Upon my return home I informed Jeannie Schulz that if I can't seem to stop drawing Snoopy I might have to undergo a

"Snoopy exorcism". 



The last year have been filled with executive skit writing, initially for YPO (Young Presidents Organization) and subsequently for a variety of corporations. The YPO skit featured nine CEOs working their way through a butchered Wizard of Oz (one third of them in drag). For Zuora it was a collision of Star Trek and Les Miz. For Lithium a holiday event turned Dickens on his ear with A Business Carol. Upcoming in January is a show in South Carolina for PeopleMatter. No executives are safe from the wicked pen of parody. Not even the ones from other planets.


Early 2014 saw two more YPO "IN" and one "OUT" for a double dose of insanity.




Robin and I "Puppetooned" a party of kids today. They delighted to the shenanigans of Vanilla the monkey and all went home with a special cartoon featuring themselves. (Don't worry. The octopus hug is one of affection....not lunch.)


A new textbook out of German features a section discussing the nature of whistle blowing that includes one of my political cartoons.

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