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Living In 

Vertical Time

At a difficult time in my life I befriended a donkey down the road who soon became my spiritual buru. Murray was captured by the BLM in the California desert, no doubt a descendant of the Gold Rush. Adopted by my neighbors, he found a loving home in Sebastopol CA. No sooner had I written down the teachings I gleaned from my long eared friend than they were serialized in Creation Spiritualty Magazine and later excertped in Susan McElroy's best seller Animals As Teachers And Healers. Now available online, Murray can become your best friend too.  

"Brian Narelle writes from the fullness of his heart sharing his vulnerability, sensitivity and humor as he teaches us that even a Buru can be our Master Teacher. Think of how much peace would come to the world if we could make every meeting we had with a human being or other forms of life a Holy Encounter."


Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D.

Author of Love is Letting Go of Fear

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