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I have written dozens of award winning educational films, primarily through EMPOWERKIDS.COM. The majority employ puppets in telling tales to illuminate difficult issues. 

There are four films in the What Tadoo series dealing with issues of child abuse for young children. 

There are eleven films in the Sooper Puppy series that deal with issues of self-esteem, empowerment and values education.

Other films address a variety of issues...

Standing up to peer pressure

Dealing with anger

Understanding AIDS

Online safety

Coping with alcoholism

Ask Any Dummy was created for teens to encourage seatbelt use. It features  Vince and Larry the NHTSA crash dummies.

I have written (and illustrated) digital versions of the British TV series Tiny Planets featuring Bing and Bong. 

I helped produce Life Support Skills,  52 hours of EMT training  for firefighters. 

I've written several training films for the

Motorcycle Safety Foundation including

Riding Straight.

I wrote a series of films on child abuse reporting laws for the California State

Office of Child Abuse Prevention, 

including those for mandated reporters,

the clergy and the deaf community

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