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I've never understood people who are content with center aisle seats. I have never taken flying for granted and have always spent most of my commercial flight time staring out the window in awe. One day, gazing down on clouds, I said to myself, "I can do this." That simple statement eventually led to the left front seat, otherwise known as PIC (Pilot In Command). That, in turn, led to becoming an Angel Flight pilot, authorized to transport folks in need. I later gained an AGI license (Advance Ground Instructor) and am available to tutor and support fledgling pilots who aspire to that same left front seat. The best view in the world. 

Stearman PT-17   Flew first loops at 140 kts

RV-4   Flew first aileron rolls at 200 kts

An Angel Flight mission. One daughter successfully delivered to her parents from a camp for the deaf near Mariposa. 

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