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"Home run!"
                  Tien Tzou, CEO Zuora Inc
"HILARIOUS, standing ovation."
                   Benjamin Kwon, VP Zuora Inc


For a number of years I've been writing skits for YPO (Young Presidents Organization) and various corporations wherein CEOs and executive staff strut their stuff on stage as I dismember classical literature and popular TV, film and Broadway shows for the delight and amusement of staff. Columbus, Dickens, The Wizard of Oz, Star one is safe. Whether its to commemorate, initiate, train, or inspire, these shows tend to leave a lasting impression on everyone involved. (Tony Awards optional)


Is your company or organization next?

Daring to go where no tech company has gone before

the executives at Zuora braved the final frontiers of space. That's the CEO in the middle. 

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