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"When Brian performed at our house everyone reported aching jaws from laughing so hard."
                                                    Douglas Waagen


Since I was born in the Far East (Queens, NY is pretty far from California) it was only a matter of time, and finding the right turban, until I jumped into the swami business. I have given darshan at parties, churches, wineries, fund raisers and bookstores. In trying to keep up with the high tech age we live in I have invented the ultimate tablet, the iMactuallyhere. 

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Occasionally Swami Dog, a fully Dog-Realized being, comes along for the ride.

From time to time fake swamis gather together to share their fool realization. Swami Beyondananda is also from the Far East

(Brooklyn to be exact). Around Thanksgiving you can often find us at the East-West Bookshop in Mountain View CA giving a Karma Talk. 

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