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"We were rolling in the aisles. His humor is intelligent as well as witty. Don’t miss his performance, he is hilarious!"


                                                                             Bobbi Ryals


"When Brian performed at our house everyone reported aching jaws from laughing so hard."
                                                    Douglas Waagen

WARREN PEACE is a canine poet, likened to Rumi with fur. He delights in not only sharing his poetry but also answering any and all questions from a dog's perspective.

POSSESSED is a one-man-show in which Warren, the Swami and others mix it up as my alter egos are set loose, including an insane bird with a chalkboard named Glenn Beak. 

SWAMI FROM NEW JERSEY brings wisdom to bear from the land of Tony Soprano while hawking products such as his iMactuallyhere tablets. 

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