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After several years writing for Sesame Street I became involved with Buster & Me on NBC in San Francisco where I initially appeared as an actor and later wrote several episodes. (Kermit's pal Rex was a gift after working as a freelance Creative Director with Pixar)

Sesame Street

Buster & Me, starring Robin Goodrow as the mother of two monkeys, ran for 20 years on KRON-TV. You may recognize Buster from Mrs. Doubtfire as well. 

Buster & Me

Robin Goodrow eventually created Bingo & Molly for the Discovery Channel. I came on board as a writer, as well as co-starring as a rabbit and a wolf. Twenty years of creative collaboration with Robin culminated in our marriage in 2001. Bingo & Molly aired internationally for five years on The Learning Channel and Discovery Kids.

Bingo & Molly

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