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"Let me express my heartfelt thanks for such a wonderful, entertaining element to a very special party - even the bunnies enjoyed themselves."
                                                    Olivia Huff


Warren Peace is a canine poet, sometimes referred to as Rumi with fur. He has performed at cabarets, wineries, and private parties, as well as hosting radio programs. In his give and take with the audience he dispenses a unique brand of wisdom (or wise cracks, depending on your point of view). He has been delighting audiences for years and, despite that 7 to 1 age ratio business, hasn't aged a bit. 

Upon reading Warren's poetry Daniel Ladinsky, best selling author of I Heard God Laughing and Love Poems From God said:


"You are fully entitled to tell Rumi and Hafiz and Kabir and Barks and Ladinsky and Bly to...take that you suckers. and furthermore ease your asses out of my poetry territory -- or else!"

Warren is available for parties, events and barn raisings. He doesn't shed, poop or have fleas, though his remarks can sometimes be biting. 

Click on the fridge magnet to purchase one of Warren's famous lowkus. 
             (They don't quite rise to the level of haikus)



I could stand at the edge of a pool all day

While fear keeps my feet firmly planted


But if you throw a ball in

I’ll leap without thinking

I’ll swim without knowing how

And I will shake off the cold and the wet

With a smile from ear to ear


What pool are you not jumping in?

What good is passing you by?


And who is that friend?

And what is that ball

That will unplant your feet

And drench you in your own wet life?



                                                                                                                Warren Peace

                                                                                                                Translated by Brian Narelle

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